What do we do?

We provide solutions in technologies, suitable for your business.

FMSAC Services


Our main activity is the developing of software solutions “on request”

We have a range of software modules developed compatible with different platforms.These developments are currently working and in operations in different companies in different sectors.

We can customize our current products to the needs of our new customers, but we can also start a development since the beginning and according to our customers’ requirements.

We have an implementation technology which has guaranteed our customers and ourselves a successful achievement of goals and expectations. Currently, we work with software desktop, web, apps, web services, APIs (application programming interfaces) for different platforms on windows, Linux, Android, IOs. Among the tools and programming languages we use, the following can be found: PHP, Javascripts, MySQL, Java, Kotlin, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server and others.

We have also engaged in the use and integration to other types of systems by, accessing their database directly through different APIs or web services. Among these applications can be found different kind of software such as SAP, Ofisis and others. Some of our software packages allow us to integrate different hardware solutions like biometric devices, weighing scales, bar code readers, labelers, etc.

When our customers working with other software provider, we can manage the implementation: Scheduling all activities for the development the job, acquiring the equipment needed, supervising the installation and starting up the software. We can coordinate all details with the provider and the users involved. We guarante the right implementation so that our customers get a complete backed-up investment with a 100% operational technological solution.


We can work on any type of requirement related to Quality Management issues, we use tools oriented to strategic development based on ISO 9001 approach. In the frame of these services we can help our customers on issues related to:

  • Strategic documentation and implementation: Mission, vision, values, goals, quality policy.
  • Processes documentation and optimization, control records design, implementation and management of KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Teams formation for quality circles.


We also provide web services for information systems in Linux and Windows environments and also services related to functionality as:

  • Static and dynamic website development, content managers (Joomla, WordPress).
  • Domain configuration.
  • Email administration.
  • Hosting administration, FTP, cpanel services.
  • Social media managing.


  • Servers and equipment configuration on Windows networks.
  • Services configuration: active directory, data base, fileserver, firewall, antivirus, hard disks RAID system.
  • VPN and remote desktop configuration for remote work and branches integration.
  • Cybersecurity configuration and assessment: updates, firewalls and antivirus.
  • Informatics support: equipment monitoring, information backup, remote assistance.
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